A recent study carried out by the ItalyPost Study Centre, in partnership with the Crédit Agricole banking group, Auxiell, Glasford International and Equinox and published by the major Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, has revealed the top 500 Italian private companies ranked by their financial performance.

The ranking was carried out by analysing companies through their financial statements.

The study only took into consideration all those companies that met several requirements of absolute excellence: an annual growth rate of at least 7%, an average EBITDA over the last three financial years between 10% and 8.5%, a Pfn / EBITDA ratio of 1.8 and 2.5 and a rating with at least one triple B given by Modefinance. 

Out of these companies, a list of the top hundred companies – “Champions” – was formed with those companies that exceeded the average performance. In 2017 the turnover of these ‘Champion’ companies was a total of 21.4 billion euros, boasting an annual average increase of 9.59%. Over a three-year period, their EBITDA annual average was 17.68%. As for debts, they are naturally zero, in fact the financial situation is “cash positive”: 1.4 billion euros.

Here is the full list of the 500 Italian companies with a turnover of between 20-120 million euros and of the 100 Italian companies with a turnover of between 120-500 million euros, these are the companies that drive the country’s economy. The list also includes the balance sheets of these companies from the last six-year period. Download at Italypost website Download at Italypost website 2

On a geographical level, the top performing regions are: Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia. In the South, Campania stands out. Among the provinces, Milan is the top performer followed by Vicenza, Bergamo, Turin, Brescia, Treviso, Bologna, Florence, Padua, Como, Verona, Modena and Reggio Emilia.

roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

Roberto is a business journalist with a focus on the food & wine sector. He worked freelance for many Italian newspapers and magazines such as Italia Oggi, Gdo Week, Il Resto del Carlino.
roberto ceccarelli