Vista Eyewear is a small Italian company based in Alano di Piave, near Belluno (North-East Italy). The company produces and sells eyewear with the brand name “Mad in Italy”.


The glasses, entirely developed and produced in Italy, are designed by Claudio Dallo Longa, the company’s creative director and designer with over 30 years experience in the eyewear industry.


In 2015 Vista Eyewear’s total revenue was €5m. In the Italian market, revenues coming directly from the brand “Mad in Italy” grew by 14 per cent year on year.


Vista Eyewear has reached the finals in the “Frame – Technological Innovation” at the optical fair “Silmo d’Or 2015” in Paris.


Luca Marinello

Luca Marinello

At the fair, Vista Eyewear has unveiled a new patent entitled “double screw” that entails the closing of the lens holding ring with a screw having two sections of threads going in different directions.


This technique accelerates the closing and opening operation, reduces the possibility of losing the screw, and increases the flexibility of the opening of the lens holding ring.


In 2016 the company aims to increase revenues by 25 per cent, year on year. Luca Marinello, head of sales of Vista Eyewear, said:


“In the first half of 2016 we saw an increase in sales, year on year, in the Italian market by 10 per cent. We have seen an increase in demand, by opticians, for quality products. In particular, they look for “Made in Italy” quality eyewear with alternative designs. It is for this reason that in 2016 we have identified a cluster of customers and we are now focusing on bridging the gap between demand and supply. Furthermore, we have expanded our network of sales agents. Our aim is to supply 10 per cent of the nearly 10,000 optical centres in Italy”.


In September 2016 the company will unveil the new collection “Mad in Italy UP”. The glasses of this new and stylish collection are made using the latest technological developments in the field and the most advanced materials, such as nylon and titanium, the hinges have no screws, no welding is needed and as nickel is not used the eyewear are anti-allergic.

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