Birra Collesi is an independently owned Italian microbrewery founded by Giuseppe Collesi. It’s based in Apecchio, a town located between Tuscany, The Marches and Umbria regions in the heart of central Italy.


The Collesi brewery is particularly known in the US as its beers are the only Italian beers sold in celebrity chef Joe Bastianich‘s 100 restaurants spread across the United States of America.


This was made possible thanks to a partnership between the Bastianich Group and the Collesi brewery. Collesi is also one of the most awarded breweries in Italy.


Giuseppe Collesi, founder of Birra Collesi

Giuseppe Collesi, founder of Birra Collesi

Over the last ten years it has won 43 awards, 12 of which are from 2015.

Among the awards are the prestigious London World Beer Awards (1 gold medal and 1 bronze medal), the London International Beer Challenge (1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal), the Chicago World Beer Championship (4 gold medals and 2 silver medals) and the Australian International Beer Awards (2 bronze medals).
The brewery produces two million bottles and 10,000 casks of high quality beer per year and it is located at an altitude of 700 metres (2,296 feet) built on an area of 3,000 square metres.


The plant was built using sustainable construction materials, it has a solar panel system of 32 Kw, a steam generator and a pellet fuelled heating system.


The brewery uses only high quality, own grown barley. The production process goes through strict, constant microbiological and organoleptic controls.


The water used to make the beer comes directly from the nearby springs on the Nerone Mountain at an altitude of 1,525 metres which is naturally rich in minerals.


Mr. Collesi said to


“In 2012 we invested about €2M to renew the plant’s production area. Today we are able to produce 24,000 litres of beer a day and our aim for the near future is to produce 40­50,000 hectolitres of beer a year. Over the last two years the company’s turnover has been growing significantly, from €1.4m in 2014 to a forecasted €2m in 2015”.


Collesi's brewery in Apecchio (credits: Birra Collesi)

Collesi’s brewery in Apecchio (credits: Birra Collesi)

The Italian market represents 70 per cent of total turnover and this beer is distributed by D&C (Eurofood Group) and sold in top­end restaurants.


Over the last year Collesi has strengthened its position in key international markets such as: the UK, France and the US where the company has grown 40­50 per cent.
Collesi has also entered other important markets such as Japan and Russia.
Mr Collesi added:


“We are currently working in partnership with leaders in the food sector as well as working on expanding our product range. Moreover we are also working on a project of brand extension to enter the health & wellness sector, in this regard we are already working in partnership with the University of Camerino”

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