SMEs Financial Reporting

SMEs have a key role in the Italian economy and so has the accounting information provided by them.

Transparent financial reporting practices are undoubtedly good for doing business. This is particularly important for SMEs. It could be argued that businesses with good prospects and effective financial reporting practices but lacking collateral are more likely to attract investments as they will provide more information to investors on which to base their decisions.

Transparent financial reporting allow for effective, informative analysis . When financial statements are lacking or are not transparent, investors can never be sure about a business’ real growth prospects.

Investors seek disclosure and simplicity as transparency makes analysis easier.

If you are an existing or a potential investor interested in Italian SMEs you are probably the primary users of published accounts.

We recommend consulting, a site managed by the Italian Chambers of Commerce (available in English) that provides information contained in the Business Register, the Defaulters Register and enables access to the patents and trademarks data bank.