In 2014, Joycare launched a new division, Joycare Global Business, that provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) services for companies operating in the personal care, early childhood products, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and home appliances sectors.


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Thanks to the synergy between Joycare Spa and the two trading companies in Asia, Joycare Global Business aims to become a key player in Asia and internationally. The Joycare Global Business services offered are structured in five modules which can be chosen either individually or in any combination: research & quality control, exporting & delivery, logistics, customer care and marketing.

In 2013, Joycare’s turnover was €25m, exports accounted for 60% of the total. Daniel Rizzo, CEO of the company, has forecasted a 30% rise in sales for 2014, following the company’s expansion abroad.
According to Daniel Rizzo, Joycare is looking for a business partner to accelerate market expansion outside Italy. The ideal investor would be a private equity investment company with international expertise. Newly found funds will be invested to open a subsidiary in Russia.

Fresh financial resources could also be used to finance strategic acquisitions to enter the lucrative sector of pet health care products. Joycare would prefer to enter this sector via a strategic acquisition, in order to acquire new competencies directly. This would allow Joycare to diversify its product range even further.

Joycare s.p.a. is an Italian company founded in 1998, it has its headquarters near Ancona, in central Italy and the company has 77 employees. Initially, Joycare specialised in manufacturing and selling home and personal care products. In 2009, following its acquisition by Baycross Investment Ltd, Joycare began to widen its products range. Today, in addition to the Joycare brand, specialising in home and personal care products, the company has developed four other brands: Joycare Baby, specialising in mother-and-baby products; Joycare Pharma, specialising in health monitoring products; Joyello, specialising in pushchairs, car seats & baby-carriers, nursery products, safety products and health monitoring products for babies and Exalta, specialising in products for professional hairstylists. Following its acquisition by Baycross, Joycare can now count on the strategic business support of two established trading companies in Asia: Global Fortune Trading Ltd (Hong Kong) and Shangai D&D International Trading CO. Ltd (Shangai). Furthermore, Baycross has made a manufacturing plant with three production lines available to Joycare.
Today, Joycare sells its products worldwide: The Middle East, Europe, United Arab Emirates, China and South America.


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– Joycare has recently launched its new original OEM services’ division, Joycare Global Business

– The company is looking for a partner to enter the Russian market

– Joycare is looking to carry out strategic acquisitions to enter the pet health care sector

roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

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roberto ceccarelli