On February 11, Italian footwear brand NeroGiardini announced that the company’s revenues for 2014 increased to €204m, six per cent up year-on-year. Export increased by 20%, mainly due to strong performance in Russia, Belgium, Spain, France and D-A-CH countries.

The company aims to strengthen its market position in Russia where it is planning to invest more resources. Enrico Bracalente, founder and CEO of NeroGiardini, said:


“Over the last two years and in line with our forecasts, we have doubled sales outside Italy, going from ten to twenty per cent.  In the forthcoming years, the company’s growth strategy will hinge on those qualities that have always distinguished us, namely: quality products, good customer service and marketing. Our aim is to match the sales volume in Italy with that of abroad – in particular in Europe- hence aiming to double production and turnover”


Besides good performance in the footwear market segment, Mr Bracalente added that he was equally pleased on how NeroGiradini’s clothing division has been performing.  Talking about the Russian market, Bracalente said:


“We see high growth potential in the Russian market and we will invest significant resources in improving and guaranteeing timely delivery of our products to Russian customers and increasing the advertising budget in this market. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be the right time to invest in Russia as it suffers from the collapse of the ruble. Moreover, there are tensions with neighbouring Ukraine and diplomatic relationships with the European Union are somewhat difficult. Despite all this, I think this is the right time to invest in this market”.

massimo morici

massimo morici

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massimo morici

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