Archetipo was once an Italian start-up, today it is a highly successful men’s top-end fashion brand.
Archetipo was founded in 1992 by entrepreneurs Stefania Vismara and Maurizio Finati in the town of Udine (Northen East of Italy). From the very beginning the company has focused on selecting the highest quality fabrics to produce elegant yet sophisticaed clothes for men.
In 2016 Archetipo posted a turnover of €4.15m, a slight increase on the previous year; it has twenty employees and its core business is men’s dress suits using only exlusive Italian fabrics. Archetipo also produces accessories and shoes.
Dandyism is a fashion behaviour
In 2017 through the brand Cleofe Finati, Archetipo launched a collection inspired by dandy style. Dandyism is a behaviour that consists of affectation of manner and dress, characterised by forms of individualism and strong detachment from reality and rejection of the bourgeois mediocrity. The Cleofe Finati collections manage to meet the needs of each contemporary-dandy groom: from suits to top hat, to all accessories down to the buttons.
Also in 2017 Cleofe Finati launched a limited edition that counts  only fifteen suits.
Where to buy Cleofe Finati
In Italy there are thirty-five Cleofe Finati points of sales. Cleofe Finati collections are also sold  worldwide in multi-brand stores in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Japan and Spain.
The company is planning to enter the US market within the next two years.
roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

Roberto is a business journalist with a focus on the food & wine sector. He worked freelance for many Italian newspapers and magazines such as Italia Oggi, Gdo Week, Il Resto del Carlino.
roberto ceccarelli