In Italy it is increasingly difficult to do business, mainly because of the tax burden. Despite this, Italians keep on relying on in their entrepreneurial skills and new startups are springing up all over Italy even during a period of economic downturn. According to the latest ISTAT figures, in Italy there are 63.8 companies per thousand inhabitants, a rate of concentration among the highest in Europe.


As Roberto Castaldo (business coach at 4MAN Consulting) explains,”The reasons that lead to found a company can be divided into three main categories: cloning, business succession and companies born from great ideas.”

The first two are typically associated with an old – fashion business structure where the company is run by the founder in partnership with family members. These structures are rarely based on meritocracy and when the leading figure leave, the company, more often than not, go into difficulty.


Roberto Castaldi, business coach at 4MAN Consulting

Roberto Castaldo, business coach at 4MAN Consulting

Roberto Castaldo went on by saying that, thankfully, in recent years in Italy we have seen many startups been founded, innovative companies based on great ideas. However, these companies are often run by technicians who have little grasp on how to run a successful business. These businesses are likely to fail to take off, or to be short – lived, due to excessive product orientation, without adequate support on the managerial front.

alessandro fumagalli

alessandro fumagalli

Before moving back to Italy, Alessandro worked for six years as senior research analyst for The Financial Times newspaper. He currently works as a research consultant and freelance translator. Alessandro graduated in Business Studies with a First Class Honours Degree at the “London South Bank University” in England.
alessandro fumagalli