Based on the latest report from Infocamere*, in the first quarter of 2015 the number of innovative startups enrolled in the Italian Business Register amounted to 3,711, an increase of 532 businesses compared to the end of December 2014 (up 16.7 per cent).

Startups represent 0.25 per cent of the 1.5 million Italian corporations. The Startup total share capital amounts to €192m, which corresponds to an average of approximately €52,000 for each startup. The average capital has increased by 7.5 per cent compared to the fourth quarter of 2014.

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Out of all innovative startups, 73 per cent provide business services, in particular: software design and IT consultancy (30.2 per cent), R&D services (16.3 per cent) and business information services (8.1 per cent).
Almost one in five (18,2 per cent) innovative startups operate within the manufacturing sector, specifically: manufacture of computers and electronic and optical products (3,7 per cent), manufacture of machinery (3.4 per cent), manufacture of electrical equipment (2.3 per cent) and the remaining 4.1 per cent operates within the trading sector.


There are 88 Innovative startups that have been funded or where the majority stakeholders are foreigners (2.4 per cent of the total), a proportion lower than foreign corporations (3.9 per cent).

Overall, in 2013,  innovative startups produced goods/services equal to an amount  of €200m (the value is calculated on nearly 1,700 companies for which financial statements were available ), while operating income was negative (minus €46m).

Milan is the province that is home to the greatest number of innovative startups: 533, 14.4 per cent of the total. Rome followed with 302 (8.1 per cent), Turin 201 (5.4 per cent), Bologna 121 (3.3 per cent) and Naples 109 (2.9 per cent). The areas of Modena and Trento together count 100 startups.

*Infocamere is the IT company for the Italian Chambers of Commerce that manages the high-speed and high-security communication network interconnecting the nerve centres of the Chamber system


Innovative Startups Bring New Life To The Italian Economy speed read:

–  In the Q1 of 2015 the number of innovative startups increased of 532

– The Startup total share capital amounts to €192m

– Milan is the province that is home to the greatest number of innovative startups

alessandro fumagalli

alessandro fumagalli

Before moving back to Italy, Alessandro worked for six years as senior research analyst for The Financial Times newspaper. He currently works as a research consultant and freelance translator. Alessandro graduated in Business Studies with a First Class Honours Degree at the “London South Bank University” in England.
alessandro fumagalli