Civitanavi Systems is a highly innovative company specialised in inertial navigation systems. It was founded by the Italian engineer Andrea Pizzarulli in partnership with his American partner Mike Perlmutter.

It is a company fully dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and service of inertial navigation and stabilization systems (independent from Earth’s magnetic fields and GPS). In order to develop its products, Civitanavi Systems uses highly sophisticated military technology. Its navigation systems are now used in civil navigation as well as in the field of mining and drilling.

Since it was founded in 2012, Civitanavi Systems has shown a fast growth and in 2014 it is about to double its turnover in comparison to the previous year. In 2013, Civitanavi Systems had a turnover of 1.7 million Euros. Its workforce increased from 6 to 25 employees in two years, and in autumn 2014, Civitanavi Systems opened a new office in Rome, in addition to the headquarters in the town of Civitanova Marche on the Italian east coast. It has clients world wide, currently in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

To date, Civitanavi Systems has shown a strong growth, in a market that, according to independent sources, is expected to reach $ 2.6 billion by 2015 and where there are only five main companies worldwide competing for a slice of the market share.

When interviewed at the official launch of Civitanavi Systems, Mr Andrea Pizzarulli told us:

“The technologies linked to electro-mechanical gyroscopes currently dominate this market and have not yet been replaced mainly because they have a low price tag. Despite their low purchasing cost, equipment built with this technology have a high maintenance cost. However, shipbuilders are more interested in purchasing less expensive equipment and then passing maintenance costs on to future ship owners. On the other hand, technologies that implement inertial sensors technology have a high initial cost, but do not involve maintenance burden. The main aim of Civitanavi Systems is to provide shipbuilders with a new type of navigation system at the same cost of traditional systems, but requires no maintenance hence, creating a competitive advantage for the ship buyer.”

Inertial Navigation Instruments speed read:

1 – Civitanavi navigation systems are now used in civil navigation as well as in the field of mining and drilling.

2 – The company is about to double its turnover

3 – Clients of Civitanavi Systems are worlwide

roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

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roberto ceccarelli