The distillery ‘Castagner’ owned by Roberto Castagner was recently awarded the prestigious “5 Grappoli D’oro” award by Bibenda, the Italian Sommelier Foundation.
The distillery’s most profitable product lines are its top end products, among which are the “Brown Spirits” of the ‘Fuoriclasse’ line. These distillates turn into a suave golden-brown colour during the “aging” process, especially those aged for two to three years and the prestigious 7 to 15 year aged distillates.

Among the white spirits, the Prosecco white grappa stands out for its sales which have recorded a steep increase lately. This is thanks to the Prosecco brand halo-effect but, most importantly, mainly due to the distillery’s idea of suggesting drinking the grappa chilled. A serving suggestion which has proved to be very popular both in Italy and abroad.

The distillery Castagner has posted a growth in revenues from €11,950,000 in 2016 to €13,150,000 in 2017.

“In 2017 we introduced a technical innovation in the way we make grappa that I reckon will mark a new chapter for our distillery. Thanks to a significant investment we developed a new technology whereby only the grape skins, no pips and no peduncles, undergo the distillation process, ensuring high quality grappa levels previously unimaginable in terms of purity and aromatic expression. This type of product is what barmen round the world need to create brand-new sophisticated cocktails. I am sure – concludes Castagner – that in the coming years, Grappa will represent the true novelty in the world spirits market”.