A small Italian vineyard has been introduced into the U.S. Market. Italian wine lovers in New York City are now able to enjoy the wine Corimia Salento IGP Primitivo, which has developed a strong presence in many well respected restaurants in the Wall Street and Time Square Districts.

The winery Giai Vini was founded by the Grandfather of Daniele Marinelli, who currently manages this third generation family business with his wife Tiziana Lenti. In 2017, they chose to enter the export business, and successfully entered both the U.S. and Hungarian Markets. The vineyard holds 20 hectares for cultivation and produces 70,000 bottles of wine per year.

Daniele Marinelli, and Tiziana Lenti

One of their finest wines, the “Lucrè”. A “Zinfandel”, from a small town called Manduria, in Apulia, achieved the category DOP. This mature intense red wine has a complex aroma of coffee and chocolate and won the award “Silver medal 2017” from the French wine guide “Gilbert & Gaillard”.

The Zinfandel (Primitivo) DOC of Manduria is obtained from a sapling plant of about 30 years, where with a first selection on the still green branches are left little more than three buds that will give vigorous raceme of grapes, perfect for a production of a ruby-red primitive intense red wine; with a nobel characteristic and a mature scent of sour and sweet cherries. Lastly, the company produces a selection of white wine as well, “Chardonnay” and “Malvasia” grapes.

A wine landscape in Apulia


Susana Kawai

Susana Kawai

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Susana Kawai