In the first quarter of 2016 the payment performance of companies operating in the Italian furniture industry was above average compared to other national industries.


In fact, 43.6 per cent of companies operating in the furniture industry comply with the payment deadlines set by their suppliers (the national average is 35.1 per cent).


This emerged from a recent study conducted by CRIBIS D&B part of the CRIF Group, operating in the information business sector, specialising in monitoring companies’ ability to comply with contractual payment obligations to their suppliers.


The study on the Furniture industry took into account 47,000 companies operating in the following sectors: Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail.


At regional level, the most punctual companies in terms of supplier payments are located in the North West of Italy (54.1 per cent punctuality) followed by the North East (48.4 per cent) the Centre (38.2 per cent), the South and the Islands didn’t fare as well.