Leading Italian Serie B football club Frosinone is launching a € 1million mini-bond – the first in the history of Italian football – to transform their stadium into a home for fans and the community.

The Frosinone football club bond will allow fans to invest in the club they are passionate about. As well as contributing to a state-of-the-art stadium that combines the very best in leisure and entertainment for everyone, including a community medical centre, supporters will also have the opportunity to earn financial return.

The Bond is available through Tifosy, the only global fully authorised sports crowdfunding platform. It offers fans and investors the opportunity to invest in sports clubs through equity, debt or rewards-based crowdfunding.
Tifosy was founded by experts in sports and finance: former Italian football player Gianluca Vialli (Chelsea, Juventus, Sampdoria & Sky Italia) and Fausto Zanetton (Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs)

Gianluca Vialli

In June 2014 Tifosy, licensed across the European Economic Area, launched its first rewards-based campaign for Portsmouth FC to build new pitches for their Academy. The campaign involved nearly 5,500 fan funders across 35 countries and raised £270,000 (€304,000).

Overall, so far, Tifosy has raised more than £1m for renowned football clubs in England and Italy, including Parma and Carpi.

Founded in 1928, Frosinone Calcio is an innovative football club with a passionate fan base. In October 2017, it became only the fourth club in Italy to own its stadium, the impressive Stadio Benito Stirpe.

Now, in a historic move, the club is inviting fans to invest in the next phase of development, which will transform their new stadium into a true home for the club and community. It will include restaurants, bars and shops to improve the matchday experience. Furthermore, it will have fitness and healthcare facilities to offer a complete day-out leisure experience for the whole community.

Fausto Zanetton

In exchange for investment in the Frosinone Bond, bondholders will receive 8% interest per annum – made up of 5% cash and 3% club credit to spend on season tickets, regular tickets and merchandise each year for the duration of the bond, at the end of which they will be repaid their initial investment.

The target is to raise €1,000,000 by issuing of the Frosinone Bonds. The Bonds may be issued when the minimum target of €500,000 has been reached. In order to satisfy demand, up to a total of €1,500,000 of Frosinone Bonds may be issued.

Starting from a minimum investment of €500, investors can choose the amount they want to invest (incremental amount of €500) via www.tifosy.com/frosinone. In addition to financial return investors will have the opportunity to have their name engraved on the ‘Wall of Fame’ at Stadio Benito Stirpe and an invitation to the team Christmas dinner.

Club President Maurizio Stirpe said:

This is an opportunity for us to make improvements that were not previously possible. Within the Frosinone village, a medical centre and a restaurant open seven days a week, will create a hub for the whole Frosinone community.

We chose to raise the funds through Tifosy rather than by going to banks or shareholders because we see this as an opportunity to create a real sense of belonging for our fans. That added connection will inspire our fan base that they can make a difference in developing the future of this club. It is no small thing that this is the first case of a Fanfunded mini-bond in Italian football, and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to develop this project as a community.

Tifosy co-founder Gianluca Vialli said:

Clubs and fans working together for a common goal can make a real difference to the sport we love. Clubs need to make their fans partners, not customers. I am proud to be involved in this historic initiative, launching the first mini bond in Italian football, and believe we can help Frosinone create a home for the community, which is an investment in their future.

I believe Frosinone will become trailblazers in Italian football. Other clubs will be able to follow this model, transforming the financial football landscape”.

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