Forno d’Asolo Spa is an Italian food company specialising in the production of pastries and bakery products, it is controlled by Alessandro Benetton‘s private equity firm 21 Investimenti and in March 2016 it acquired 100 per cent stake in La Donatella Srl.


La Donatella is a company operating in the food industry, it was founded in 1946 and it has its headquarters in Jesolo, near Venice.


La Donatella produces fresh pastries and high quality frozen bakery products. In particular, La Donatella is renown for its ready to eat “Tiramisù”, one of the most famous Italian cakes.


Asolo, near Venice

Asolo, near Venice

La Donatella sells and delivers its products through a network of agents and distributors focusing in particular on the hospitality market segment. In 2015 it posted a turnover of €15m, 30 per cent of which came from exports.


The main export markets are the UK, the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The acquisition of La Donatella is part of a wider growth business plan the strengthen


Forno d’Asolo’s market position in Italy and abroad. Katia Marconato, daughter of the founder of La Donatella, will be involved at managerial level to ensure La Donatella business continuity.


Forno d’Asolo was founded in 1985 by brothers Fabio and Paolo Gallina . In March 2014.


Bakery products by Forno d'Asolo

Bakery products by Forno d’Asolo

Alessandro Benetton’s private equity firm “21 Investimenti” acquired Forno d’Asolo with the intent to enhance its brand heritage by focusing on its renowned bakery products, all strictly “Made in Italy”. Today Forno d’Asolo has five production lines and it produces more than 1 million pieces every day.

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