Our selection of some of the best news of the last week from the Italian SME market. Here we will look at 5 companies: Gambero Rosso, Elettra Investimenti, Costa Edutainment, Girolomoni, Directa Plus.



gamber rossoGambero Rosso Bets On Food Events And Training


Gambero Rosso will invest €7m, deriving from the recent IPO, on backing international food events, training courses and on refreshing its food TV channel and web TV. On 26 January Paolo Cuccia, president of the company, announced the €14m, three­year company business plan (2016­2018). Gambero Rosso is an Italian publishing group founded in 1986 focusing on Italian food and wine.


Elettra Investimenti Signed An Agreement With Rimadesio


On 27 January, Electra Investments, through its subsidiary Alea Quotidia, struck a deal with Rimadesio, an Italian of door and furniture manufacturer. The deal concerns the building of a solar panel system plant of 305.76 kWp. The plant will be equipped with electric batteries for energy storage.


genovaCosta Edutainment To Go Public In 2020


On 19 January, Beppe Costa, president and CEO of Costa Edutainment announced that the company will go public in 2020. He also introduced the new shareholder, the private equity fund Vei Capital managed by Palladio Finanziaria. Vei Capital owns 16 per cent of Costa Edutainment. Genoa based Costa Edutainment operates in the entertainment sector and has 12 amusement parks. In 2015 the company posted a turnover of €52m compared to €55m the previous year.


Girolomoni's Farm near Pesaro, Central Italy

Girolomoni’s Farm near Pesaro, Central Italy

Girolomoni Organic Pasta Revenues Grow By 15 Per Cent


The Farmers Coop Gino Girolomoni posted a turnover of more than €11.5m for 2015, a 15 per cent growth compared to the results from the previous year. Sales in the Italian market represent 16 per cent of total sales, up 24 per cent year on year. The largest increase in sales in 2015 was recorded in the USA (+ 45 %) and Spain (+ 95%). Agricultural Coop Gino Girolomoni is a pioneering company in Italy in the production of pasta made with wheat from organic farming.



Stephan Eberharter, former ski racer, and Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus

Stephan Eberharter, former ski racer, and Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus

Directa Plus And Colmar Launch World’s First Graphene­Enhanced Sportswear


On 26 January Colmar, in partnership with Directa Plus, launched the world’s first new collection of Colmar sportswear made with Graphene Plus. The new collection was launched at ‘ISPO’, the trade show aimed at international sports business professionals in Munich. Directa Plus is an Italian producer and supplier of graphene­based products for use in consumer and industrial markets.