Our selection of some of the best news of the last two weeks from the Italian SME market. Here we will look at 5 companies: Italia Independent, Instapartners, Trefin, Cruciani, Leone Film Group.

Italian Independent at Silmo 2013 credits: Italian Independent)

Italian Independent at Silmo 2013 (credits: Italian Independent)

Lapo Elkann’s ownership stake of Italia Independent has increased to 50.78%


Lapo Elkann has strengthened his position as majority shareholder of Italia Independent, the fashion company he founded in 2007, with a series of stock purchases over the years. In particular, in the period between 4 and 9 February Mr. Elkann bought 1,200 shares, he now owns 50.78 per cent stake (1,124,291 common shares) in Italia Independent.


Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula

Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula (credits: Istapartners)

Instapartners Invests In New Financing Products Aimed At SMEs


Instapartners, a start-up founded in 2015 went to the financial market for a capital increase of €8 million. Instapartners operates in the marketplace lending sector. The new capital will be used for developing a digital based financing product aimed at SMEs. This new product has been developed focussing on three key characteristics namely, simplicity, speed and flexibility. Instapartners’ shareholders involved in this capital increase operation were: Ignazio Rocco di Torrepadula, Alessandro and Mauro Benetton; Paolo Merloni; Lorenzo Pelliccioli; the Venesio family (owner of Banca del Piemonte); Hans Paul Burkner (Chairman of Boston Consulting); Giovanni Landi (Anthilia SGR Partners); Jean Pierre Mustier (Tikehau Capital), former head of investment banking at Unicredit.


Trefin Issued Minibond To Finance 3D Printing Activities


MinibondItaly (Fondo Minibond PMI Italia) has underwritten the €4 million minibond issued by Trefin, a small Neapolitan “data system” company specialising in engineering and information technology. The fresh financing will be used to fund the development of 3D printing activities.


Cruciani's brand (credits: Cruciani)

Cruciani’s brand (credits: Cruciani)

Cruciani Aims To Strenghten Its Market Position In Turkey And The Far East


Maglital, an Italian company that owns a number of fashion brands including Cruciani, aims to strenghten its market position in Turkey. This market could also act as a hub for entering a number of Far East markets such as Iran and  China. Maglital’s expantion business plan is to build strong business partnerships with local companies. The expantion plan is funded by Sace (€8 million), fresh finances were also raised by Simest becoming a shareholder in Finac by acquiring a 26 per cent stake share (€7 million). Finac is the holding company that controls Maglital.


Leone Film Group To Produce First Tornatore’s TV Series


Leone Film Group has recently signed an agreement with film director and Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore for the production of a 12-episode international TV series. The series will be based on the novel “I Beati Paoli” written by the Sicilian writer Luigi Natoli. The TV series is scheduled to be broadcast in 2017 in Italy and internationally.