There’s an electric propelled boat that links Dubai with Lake Garda, a wonderful place nestled in the Italian Alps.


This boat is called GOGO and it is made by GardaSolar, an Italian SME’s based in Rovereto, near Lake Garda (Trento), Northern Italy.


At present, GOGO is the only electric boat allowed to sail around the Palm Jumeirah, the  artificial palm shaped archipelago in Dubai where only canoes and paddleboats were previously allowed.


According to the founders of GardaSolar, Alberto Pozzo and Alessio Zanolli, GOGO is more than just a simple electric propelled boat. In particular, what distinguishes GOGO’s electric boats from the others is their innovative and stylish designs.


The solar version, for example, has an elegant solar-panelled  roof that guarantees an increase in autonomy, battery charging and a practical shading function.


GOGO is designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in Italy. The co- founder Alberto Pozzo said to


“GOGO electric propelled boats are a new generation of boat designed to fill the gap between traditional paddleboats and motor boats. We think the GOGO boat is suitable for a number of activities, from personal leisure to business. In particular, GOGO boats are particularly suited to the tourism industry, these boats could be used in amusement parks or for rental businesses. This wide range of different ways to use our boats is the reason why we foresee strong growth in sales in the future”.


Gardasolar’s propelled boats in Venice (credits: gardasolar)


In 2014 exports accounted for 90% of total sales, in addition GardaSolar’s commercial strategy is to further expand overseas. According to Pozzo:


“Our business adventure has come a long way and after four years we are glad with what we have achieved. These are crucial years for us in order to expand our presence outside Italy.  We now sell our electric boats through local distributors in Austria, The UK, France, The Netherlands and Dubai. GardaSolar’s business strategy is to strengthen its market position in Europe during 2015, to enter the US market in 2016 and to become worldwide by 2020 for the World Expo in Dubai”.


“This Electric Boat Aims To…” speed read:


1) GardaSolar is an Italian SME’s based in Rovereto (Trento), Northern Italy, which makes & sells electric boat with innovative design.


2) Exports accounted for 90% of total sales.


3) The company aims to enter the US market in 2016 and become worldwide by 2020.

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