One of the most innovative sectors of the Italian economy is the packaging industry. Around 7,000 companies operate in this sector, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, employing more than 100 thousand people.


According to the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, the packaging sector in Italy has an annual turnover of €30.1 billion, representing 5.5 per cent of world output, this ranks Italy amongst the top ten countries in terms of packaging output. In 2014, the packaging industry in Italy accounted for 3.8 per cent of total turnover of the Italian manufacturing industry and 1.9 per cent of GDP.


The strength of this sector lies in the production of packaging machinery. Annual revenue in Italy related to the production of packaging machinery is worth €6 billion, with an export share of 83 per cent (source: Ucima).


Design and sustainability, the outlook of the packaging sector in 2016.

Recent data suggests that in Italy there is a strong and ongoing development and innovation trend in the packaging sector. This is set to progressively transform the production and distribution chains of this and other sectors and ultimately, there is reason to believe that this will also have an impact on consumer purchasing habits. In the near future, packaging will have a strong design element, production will hinge on innovative technology, there will also be an emphasis on environmental sustainability.


A packaging made of "CartaCrusca", the paper produced exclusively for Barilla using 20% of bran coming from the Italian mills

A packaging made of “CartaCrusca”, the paper produced exclusively for Barilla using 20% of bran coming from the Italian mills


This theme, together with market trends, will be discussed at “Marca 2016”, the International Exhibition for Private Label products, that will take place on 13th and 14th January 2016 in the city of Bologna.


The event, organised by BolognaFiere in partnership with ADM, will include two new initiatives dedicated to the packaging sector. The first will be the “ADI Packaging Design Award”, the prize for the most innovative products in the packaging sector in Italy, promoted by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI).


The second initiative will be the “Marca Tech Packaging Lab”, promoted by Be-Ma Publishing, a workshop focussing on the theme of eco-friendly packaging.

roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

Roberto is a business journalist with a focus on the food & wine sector. He worked freelance for many Italian newspapers and magazines such as Italia Oggi, Gdo Week, Il Resto del Carlino.
roberto ceccarelli