Pedon Group, leader in Italy for the production of beans, pulses, lentils and chickpeas has recently opened a new production plant in Argentina near the town of Rosario de la Frontera. The new plant, opened in partnership with its sister company ACOS Argentina (Pedon is ACOS’s majority shareholder) and a number of Argentinian stakeholders has a production capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year of beans and chickpeas.


The Group aims to supply the canning and freezing industry of the EU area, North Africa , Middle East and South America.



The Group has invested $2.5m in the project and ACOS Argentina has become the third largest exporter of legumes in Argentina with a market share of between around 10 and 15 per cent. The company has forecast sales of $15m for 2016.


“This is yet another step towards strengthening our presence internationally whilst sustaining the company’s growth, it is a business model we have adopted in other key markets” – said Remo Pedon, CEO of the Group.


The opening of the new plant in Argentina in 2016 follows the opening of a new plant in Egypt in 2015. In 2015, the Pedon Group posted a turnover of €100m (EBITDA of 10 per cent of total sales). Its market share in Italy is over 50 per cent (in the cereals, legumes and seeds sector) and the Group exports to 45 countries worldwide.


Pedon's products

Pedon’s products


Pedon’s business model is: “from the seed to the shelf”. The company was founded in 1984 by three Pedon brothers. At first it was a foodstuff wholesale distribution company, the company now produces on behalf of over 100 private labels. The company also produces a wide range of gluten free home baking and dessert mix products as well as dried porcini mushrooms and mixes of mushrooms.

roberto ceccarelli

roberto ceccarelli

Roberto is a business journalist with a focus on the food & wine sector. He worked freelance for many Italian newspapers and magazines such as Italia Oggi, Gdo Week, Il Resto del Carlino.
roberto ceccarelli