Angels, VC’s & Private Equity

When it comes to financing a startup in Italy, either an early-stage business or a startup that shows a really compelling growth potential and you want to bring an investor on board, you might be considering the three following options – Angel investment, Venture Capital investment or Private Equity.

In order to facilitate your task to navigate through this field in Italy we suggest you take a look at the links below:

AIFI: is the Italian Private Equity Venture Capital and Private Debt Association. It was created in May 1986, in order to promote, develop and institutionally represent the venture capital and private equity activity in Italy.

Here you can find extensive analysis about the performance achieved by the Italian venture capital operators.

Here is a list of Italian VC’s and Private Equity firms.

Here is a list of M&A Advisors and here is a list of Universities & Business Accelerators

IBAN: is the Italian association of Business Angels. It was created in March 1999 and it is a member of EBAN, the European Business Angels Network.

Here is a map of regional business angel network (available only in Italian).

Here is a list of Italian Angels.