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Here we are! is a business collective blog aimed at entrepreneurs, purchase managers, buyers, private equity investors and venture capital managers who are interested in entering/investing in the Italian market or starting a commercial partnership with an Italian SME.

We report on companies in an unusual way: we report on their success stories by meeting and interviewing people and by adding images and videos. The aim is to profile a company with a 360° view. This is because we believe that there’s more than just numbers behind a company.

In order to value a company, its current business position is very important but its story, values, aims and business ideas are also crucial in the process of valuing a company correctly. We focus our resources and efforts on understanding products and entrepreneurs: we strongly believe that a company’s long-term success is primarily dependent on the quality of these two elements.

[credits: Flickr/Gaël Chardon; Flickr/ Steven Depolo]


Why doitbetter?

Do you remember, back in the 80’s, the slogan on Madonna’s T-shirt“Italians do it better!”? Well, a few years have gone by since then but we still believe that phrase has some degree of actuality.

We believe that in Italy there are numerous small companies (SMEs) that still have the remarkable ability to create exceptional value – added products.

Companies with solid credentials and with real long – term growth potential. Companies that are nationally well – established and intend to grow or enter international markets.